Hello! I'm Bob Fulton.

I call Brunswick County home, and I refuse to sit idly by while uncontrolled development threatens our community's affordability and livability. As someone who believes in the power of honest and dedicated public service, I am taking action by running for the position of Brunswick County Commissioner from District 3.

My values, shaped by a lifetime of hard work, empathy, education, respect, and duty to our country, have taught me that Brunswick County needs a balanced and responsible government that fosters growth while supporting our most vulnerable neighbors. We cannot allow the current group of County Commissioners to continue down this path of uncontrolled development.

I am confident that, by working together, we can create a thriving community that benefits everyone. Join me in this effort to preserve and enhance the beauty, friendliness, and prosperity of Brunswick County, a place that many of us have come to call home.

Proud husband, father, grandfather and...
  • US Army Veteran, Diver – scuba and hard hat, 1971-1974

  • Airline Dispatcher, Piedmont Airlines/US Airways Flight Operations Control

  • Federal Aviation Administration Aviation Safety Inspector 2012-2021

  • Old Dominion University Bachelor of Science, Marine Biology

  • NOAA/National Marine Fisheries: researcher

  • HOA President / Vice President Arbor Creek Community Association

  • United Methodist Church – Trustees, Trustee Chair, Church Council Chair

  • Cape Fear River Watch - Creek Watch volunteer

About Bob Fulton...

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Bob is a St. James Fire Department volunteer.

I want to hear from you. Please let me know what issues you believe County Commissioners should prioritize.

I would also like to meet you and your social network in person. I am happy to attend meet and greets, speak at organizational meetings, or meet one-on-one.


I believe these issues are important to us as responsible citizens. I hold these values dear and will fight for them.

  • Hold polluters accountable for poisoning our groundwater.

  • Mandate alternatives to clear-cutting.

  • Research stormwater management innovations.

  • Research development fees to offset taxpayer infrastructure costs.

  • Pressure the NC General Assembly on environmental issues negatively impacting our property values.

Environmental Protections

Responsible Government

  • Balance the budget, and commit to finding alternatives to raising taxes.

  • Provide adequate utilities and services to all residents.

Health and Safety Services

  • Prioritize emergency preparedness.

  • Analyze staffing needs and secure funding to recruit and staff Fire Departments and the Sheriff's Office.

  • Create a cooperative and collaborative relationship with local hospitals.

  • Recruit and incentivize medical and veterinary professionals.

  • Ensure all residents have access to healthcare within the county.

Housing and Development

  • Promote options for affordable housing.

  • Develop and enforce reasonable regulations on builders.


  • Promote the need for a strong public primary and secondary education system.

  • Explore options for increasing teacher pay.

  • Promote Brunswick County Community College.

I am running to represent District 3. I share these issues with my two running mates:

  • Bob Fulton, District 3

  • Jonathon Damico, District 5

  • Tom Simmons, District 4

There are three Brunswick County Commissioner positions open for election in November ( 3 districts).
Every registered voter in Brunswick County can (and MUST) vote for all three.
Vote for change!
Vote for Commissioners who will represent the people - not profit.


Roads, bridges, water systems, sanitary sewer systems, emergency services, health services, and educational facilities... these are things the people of Brunswick County rely on for their safety, their security, their future.

The cost of these building blocks (infrastructure) are not paid for simply by taxes as the county grows exponentially. Current taxes are not sufficient to pay for all the infrastructure and service staffing requirements of the overdevelopment being allowed in Brunswick County. Current state statutes do not allow developers to be held responsible for any of these costs. That needs to change!

Extra Territorial Jurisdictions ...

The State of North Carolina authorized the establishment of EJT's as land use planning tools in 1959. As late as 2022, 14 counties in North Carolina had no zoning restrictions. Tourism communities are especially vulnerable to incompatible zoning uses. Southport, Oak Island, Boiling Spring Lakes, Shallotte, Calabash and a number of other coastal communities have been authorized the use of ETJ's.

In May of this year, Brunswick County Commissioners (Thompson, Sykes, Williams, Forte and Cooke) sent a letter to state legislators (Rabon, Miller, Iler) asking the state to pass legislation to strip ETJ authority from municipalities in the county. The letter cited the "growing challenges" in Brunswick County that they "could better address" than the municipalities involved. This was done without even a public hearing to allow residents the right to voice their opinion. No matter the rhetoric, our County Commissioners have spoken, and shown you what they think of your opinion. They serve to benefit their friends, their desires and their contributors... not the best interest of Brunswick County.

In November, you need to speak up and vote to choose who supports your interest for Brunswick County Commissioner.

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